About Us

The Social Indoor story


Social Indoor (SI) is a first of its kind digital out-of-home indoor advertising franchising company. The company was recently launched by Tony Jacobson, an experienced, entrepreneurial CEO with a demonstrated history of creating and building industry leading advertising companies. Jacobson has founded, managed and acquired nearly a dozen of the nation’s largest non-traditional out-of-home media companies and continues to push new innovations, along with a proven ability to scale companies quickly to national level.

In 1987, Jacobson co-founded AJ Indoor, a conceptually new advertising company that installed framed print ads in the restrooms of bars and restaurants. AJ Indoor pioneered the entire industry and opened up nearly 50 US markets via franchisees and corporate run offices.

In 2002, Jacobson founded AllOver Media (AOM), a multi-product advertising company which included indoor, truck-side, gas pump, door hanger, and ice box advertising. The Minneapolis based company grew into one of the nation’s largest non-traditional media companies, with inventory in nearly every US city. AOM’s growth was again fueled by both franchise and corporate run markets.

In 2017, Jacobson resigned as CEO from AOM and purchased an AOM indoor franchise in Dallas, TX. Since that time, his company has installed over 950 high definition, 22-inch, full color digital monitors in the restrooms of 300 popular DFW bars, restaurants and night clubs—creating the nation’s largest indoor digital out-of-home platform in the country.



In September 2018, Jacobson and a handful of investors purchased back the Minneapolis indoor market from AllOver Media and changed the name of the entire network to Social Indoor (SI), to better reflect the changing buying habits of consumers.

SI is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and has been aggressively building out the Twin Cities digital indoor, with monitors installed in nearly 200 venues. In addition, SI will be orchestrating the launch of a digital roll-out into 25 US markets via franchising by fourth quarter of 2019. As of August, 2019, SI had acquired 21 indoor franchises around the country to start the build-out of the Social Indoor network.

By utilizing the same indoor print franchisees and independent indoor network relationships that Jacobson has been cultivating since 1987, SI will be able to complement the traditional digital print with the high definition full color 22-inch digital monitors.

Social Indoor is going to provide each of these new markets a completely ready-to-broadcast digital network. SI will finance the shipping and installation of the monitors, and is targeting cities with populations of 200,000- 600,000 as its ideal franchise markets.

SI manages and reviews each and every ad deployed — in-house ads, charity ads, realtor ads, car dealership ads, etc. This massive ad library will be available to all participating franchise markets as a selling tool and will help create future ad sales for years to come.