Our print advertisement offerings are what our industry was built on and are successful to this day. Bold, high-resolution print advertisements are available in over 2,500 locations nationwide. Our print displays can be found in restaurants, sports bars, health clubs, arenas and other high-traffic establishments. Our ads and locations guarantee that your brand gets noticed!



Print ads allow you to feature your business in front of people that YOU want to reach. Like our digital options, these ads captivate people in every situation because they are in a place where seeing them is nearly impossible to avoid. Our ads are captivating, creative and memorable which can set your brand apart from the rest.

For print advertisements, a majority of our ads are sized at 17″x11″ or 17″x22″, with a few at the 17″x33″ size in some women’s restrooms. The 17×11 fits half of a frame, a 17×22 fits one standard frame and the 17×33 board holds three 17×11 ads. these options look right for you, give us a call today at 952-206-0917.