As of September 18, 2019, Social Indoor is finally celebrating its first birthday.

Everyone here is extremely excited to have been here for a whole trip around the sun to help our customers thrive. It’s felt like a short time since we opened our doors, but we are excited to continue to make strides in digital and print indoor advertising. If you have been with us from day one or have recently become part of the fold, we strive to be as effective as can be for our customers into the next year and beyond.

Since we opened, we are now quite a bit larger thanks to our new franchises with cities nationwide under the Social Indoor umbrella. That’s just one of the things that has evolved with our growth for the past year, with plenty more to come.

This anniversary is just the first of many, as we are excited to be around for a long time. Check out below some photos from our celebration of being here for a year.